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Candied Aubergine with Ginger (a Rosehope Edibles brand, produced and distributed by Zest Gourmet Foods)

andied Aubergine with Ginger

From the creator of the brand:

"I am a retired chef who cooks for private dinner parties and travellers who stay at Somerset House in the town of Somerset East in the Eastern province.

I have always served Gorgonzola as a cheese course in the restaurants I had before I retired from the restaurant world for a more private way of living.

Gorgonzola is a favourite cheese, and I made a candied aubergine to serve with it when I could not get figs to soak in port.

Aubergines are a favourite vegetable!

I love the shapes and colours of the different varieties and I am fascinated by all the things they can become: attractive container, unctuous pate, dressy accompaniment, important and dramatic component with dark skin.

The flesh is a sponge for flavour and it acquires different textures according to how it is cooked.

My original recipe evolved into the Candied Aubergine with Ginger which I put in jars with the label Rosehope Edibles to have something to sell to dining room customers who asked where they could buy the candied aubergine I was serving.

The preserve is polka-dotted with currants, another favourite ingredient, and looks quite pretty in the jar.

It has other uses besides being an accompaniment for cheese: roast meat, smoked meat, gourmet cheese sandwiches, as a surprise addition to a cream cheese blintz."

Shelf Life: 12 months

Available in 125ml & 1 litre catering