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Welcome to our romantic world of edible flower syrups!

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If life is a journey, mine is a garden – one in which food and flowers grow. Early memories of the English countryside, bright daisies nodding in the wind, fields of tall red poppies and shy sweet violas hiding their delicate perfume. At the early age of 5, I spent many happy days with 2 old ladies and their potted plants. At 9, a holiday spent in a French cherry farming village introduced the sheer magic of blossom. In my teenage years, granny shared the joy of eating freshly picked peaches and sun-ripened hot figs in her garden. As a young wife, an aunt taught me to identify wild flowers and hedgerow berries. We tasted and made elder flower wine.

Flowers bring me joy. It's always been that way.

A love of flowers and food later joined hands. Zest Gourmet Foods was challenged: wouldn't it be amazing to really taste flowers… to cook with flowers allowing their gentle flavours and aromas to be appreciated. Wouldn't it be more amazing to make a versatile product for both food and drinks… but the flowers must form an integral part of the experience. I had no idea where the blossoms and blooms could be found. I had no idea how to work and cook with flowers, or knowledge of their true flavour. I dream about food first! Then comes play, experimentation, exasperation, hard work, and finally the magic happens. Handmade, using real edible organic flowers… Rose Petal Syrup from Zest Gourmet Foods was born.

It was a huge risk at the time; no one really understood its use, versatility and potential. But with persistence and a strong belief in true natural flavor, real flower syrups have proven themselves to be unique and wonderful!

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