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We live and work in South Africa's beautiful Cape province, known for its majestic Table Mountain, spectacular winelands and magnificent flora.

Table mountain

We are inspired by this beauty to produce the best.

We design, produce and market high quality food products.

Our focus is on creating interesting flavours and aromas, firstly to complement cheese, but which have multiple applications for those wishing to be creative. You can use each product in quick, easy ways to make a memorable meal or you can create a sensation by combining complementary flavours and textures.

No additives, no chemicals, no colourants, no stabilizers and no preservatives. We would rather take longer to produce a product than use a quick-fix additive. The colours are natural and the flavours clean to the palate.

Cape winelands

Hand made! Cheese and olives

Blossoms & Blooms

— Zest Gourmet Foods is excited to announce a family of handmade flower mixes for drinks and cocktails
— Click here to find out more and see a selection of cocktail recipes designed for the range